General information

The Master Degree course consists of 8 modules with a rating from 4 to 16 ECTS credit points. 60 credits are allocated altogether, each credit corresponding to 25 working hours. In summary, the workload amounts to approx. 1500 working hours including the final exam.

The contact time amounts to approx. 50 days. All courses are held at Heinrich-Heine-Universität on week-ends or in one block. Course elements not rendered during contact time will be acquired through self-study based on clinical patient care, preparatory work for modules and formulation of the master thesis.

Admission requirements

The requirements for the admission to the Master Degree course in Endodontics at Heinrich-Heine university in Düsseldorf are:

1. University degree in dentistry with a regular period of study of at least 8 semesters (240 credits),

2. License to practise dental medicine, recognised in Germany,

3. Proof of post-graduate occupation as a dentist in a practice/at a university for a minimum of 2 years and

4. Good German language skills (foreign applicants must have proof of language skills according to level C1).

Heinrich-Heine university's board of examiners will inform the applicants in writing of the decision taken regarding their admission or denial of admission to the course.

Students and equipment

A total of maximum 28 students will be admitted to the degree course organised by the Düsseldorf Dental Academy. All students will be provided with an individual working space and a dental microscope during their practical exercises, as well as with all other equipment necessary.


After successful graduation, the title of Master of Science (M.Sc). will be awarded by Heinrich-Heine university, subject to the following requirements:

a) Acquisition of 60 ECTS
b) Successful writing and presentation of a master thesis


The schedule details are currently being organised. The following dates, however, can be disclosed, subject to change:

Course 2016/2017

Course 2016/2017

Introductory day


Practical block teaching I


Practical block teaching II


Basics I


Methodology I


Basics II


Methodology II


Interdisciplinary subject I


Interdisciplinary subject II


Theoretical block teaching I


Interdisciplinary subject III


Interdisciplinary subject IV


Interdisciplinary subject V


Theoretical block teaching II


Patient block care


Research project


Course hours daily from 09.00 clock until about 17.00 clock.

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