Module VIII: Master Degree Thesis

Identification number:

VIII. 1.16


480 h




4th sem.

Course frequency:

once a two-year

Length of course:

1 semester

Course structure during contact time:
seminars: 0%
lectures: 0%

Contact time:



480 h

Planned class size:

max. 28 students

Learning outcome / competence

The students will

-       research all relevant scientific literature related to the endodontic subject of the master thesis;

-       analyse all specific information and research literature and prepare an overview of citations relevant for the master thesis;

-       describe their approach and method in detail;

-       formulate and summarise their findings;

-       create explanatory graphic charts and diagrams according to the subject's requirements;

-       evaluate in written the pros and contras of their course of action


The students

-       are able to answer specific questions in a manner befitting their professional experience, expertise and acquired endodontic competence;

-       summarise their approach and method as well as the findings of their degree thesis in a professional manner;

-       are aware of the specific strengths and weaknesses of their master thesis;


-       Literature research

-       Literature overview

-       Formulation of the methodology applied

-       Visual illustration of examination results

-       Assessment of examination results

-       Evaluation of approach

Teaching methods: none


-       Admission to the Master Degree course of Endodontics;

-       Acquirement of a minimum of 30 credits;

-       Successful completion of all course-related exams;

-       Further education limited to 4 years

Type of exam: Written master thesis (Rating: Content & issue 30%; methodology, implementation, results 30%; Discussion & reflection 20% form 10% of the points; pass mark: 60% of all points; [25% of the final grade of the Masters])

Requirements for the allocation of credits: Module exam passed, admission to master thesis

Module leader: Hülsmann (Göttingen), Schäfer (Münster), Sonntag (Düsseldorf)

Further information

Examination: Written Master's thesis, which is assessed by 2 reports. 

Literature: Pursuant to the subject of the master thesis

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