Module V: Clinical Endodontics

Identification number

V. 1.16


  360 h




2d-3rd sem.

Course frequency:

once a two-year

Length of course:

2 semesters

Course structure during contact time

seminars: 5%
exercises: 90%
lectures: 5%

Contact time:

48 h
(6 days)


312 h

Planned class size:

max. 28 students

Learning outcome / competence

The students will

-       carry out exhaustive examinations focussing on an endodontic disease;

-       establish both diagnosis and differential diagnosis based on their endodontic findings;

-       plan further endodontic therapeutic measures as well as interdisciplinary therapy alternatives;

-       eliminate (if possible) the cause for the endodontic disease;

-       build up the tooth again (if necessary) with a tight sealing;

-       completely access the canal system using a coaxial light and optical magnification;

-       thoroughly disinfect and enlarge the canal system;

-       seal the canal system with filling material and an adhesive build-up;

-       build a provisional dental prosthesis, if necessary, prior to subsequent prosthetic treatment;

-       establish a prognosis for the treated tooth;

-       document in detail the treatment, according to the international endodontic standards;

-       create therapy presentations ranging from diagnostic findings to epicrisis;

-       appraise their endodontic treatment measures, taking into account the up-to-date scientific literature;

-       establish a quality assurance system to guarantee the quality of their endodontic work process



-       Diagnosis of the endodontium

-       Diagnosis of the endodontic disease

-       Treatment strategy

-       Access to the canal system

-       Manual and mechanical preparation

-       Disinfection of the canal system

-       Root canal fillings

-       Post-endodontic therapy

-       Prognosis

-       Quality assurance

-       Case presentations

Teaching methods:
Clinical patient care with course-related lectures and seminars

Participation requirements: none

Type of exam: 2 case presentations (written in the format of an article), 1 clinical treatment (under supervision), filing 120 cases, according to spec. requirements
(Judging by criteria, pass mark: 60% fulfillment of the evaluation Criteria [20% of the final grade of the Maters])

Requirements for the allocation of credits: Module exam passed

Module leader: Sonntag (Düsseldorf), Raab (Düsseldorf)

Further information
Further lecturers:
Gernhardt (Halle), Zirkel (Köln)

-       Compulsory reading to be announced prior to the beginning of the module

-       Hand-out with up-to-date bibliography will be put at the participants' disposal prior to the course




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