Module III: Interdisciplinary Subjects

Identification number

III. 1.16






1st -2d sem.

Course frequency:

 once a two-year

Length of course:

2 semesters

Course structure during contact time:

seminars: 20%
exercises: 15%
lectures: 65%

Contact time:

64 h
(8 days)


146 h

Planned class size:

max. 28 students

Learning outcome / competence

The students

-       are able to diagnose anatomical and endodontic variations and to present these with the help of adequate radiological techniques;

-       know the indications for and use of modern image-guided techniques (e.g. digital volume tomography), in particular with regard to their use in endodontics;

-       can take decisions based on diagnosis and prognosis regarding implantological and parodontological/endodontic therapy alternatives and are able to justify these decisions methodically and professionally;

-       develop specific endodontic treatment plans for primary dentition and prostheses;

-       classify course of action and medication for restorative therapy after dental trauma;

-       know the essential substances of endodontic materials;

-       can identify medicaments and materials used in endodontic therapy and their interactions;

-       are able to assess a potential general medical incidence during endodontic therapy and how to react;

-       describe from a forensic aspect the professionally appropriate explanation and documentation required before and after endodontic therapy;

-       implement the effective guidelines into their patient treatment plan according to their significance in endodontic therapy;


-       Radiology of the physiological and pathological endodontium

-       Anatomy of the endodontium

-       Implantology versus endodontology

-       Parodontology and endodontic diseases

-       Traumatology and restorative dentistry

-       Endodontics and primary dentition

-       Endodontic materials science

-       Internal medicine / emergency medicine with regard to endodontic therapy

-       Forensic medicine focussed on endodontic treatment

-       Oral pathology of endodontic diseases

Teaching methods: 
Lectures with course-related exercises, seminars with group work

Participation requirements: none

Type of exam: 1 Multiple Choice Exam (Min. 10 questions, 60% pass mark [11% of the final grade of the Masters])

Requirements for the allocation of credits: Module exam passed

Module leader: Schäfer (Düsseldorf), Philippi (Basel), Krastl (Würzburg), Weiger (Basel), Shemesh (Amsterdam), Edelhoff (Munich)

Further information

Further lecturers: Sanner (Frankfurt), Figgener (Münster), Beikler (Düsseldorf, u.a.

-       Compulsory reading to be announced prior to the beginning of the module

-       Hand-out with up-to-date bibliography will be put at the participants' disposal prior to the course

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