You can enrol at our office at the Academy for Practice and Science APW. Please send an e-mail to: apw.lobianco@dgzmk.de

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at: +49 211 66 96 73-41

Please send us the following documents per e-mail:

Informal application for admission to the Master Degree course, stating your

·        full name

·        full address

·        date of birth


For the acknowledgement of preliminary qualifications, the following documents are required (per e-mail, as a pdf):

1. Certificate showing the successful completion of your curriculum

2. Qualifications during your curriculum, sorted by

            number of cases treated according to your curriculum

            number of cases presented in your curriculum

            number of seminar papers completed for your curriculum

            number of cases handed in for your final exam

            type of final exam

3. Qualifications beyond the curriculum must be specified in tabular form in order to be taken into consideration.


The board of examiners reserves the right to view original papers upon request and to demand proof of the listed qualifications, if necessary.


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